Replace the Voltage regulator

The original VR is just not up to the job and overheats, so you buy yourself another regulator from say a YZF or R6 and fit that instead. (see the FZR Online Community Forum & seach for details on how to do this)

Thanks to Dr. Rockso on the FZR Online Community we know if your bike is pre-1994 it has a crap regulator after '95 the good regulators are installed.

under seat

A view under the seat, how tidy the wiring looks

vr mod

The enlarged heat plate with the VR (r6) in place so the wind from the wheel area blows along the VR casing fins. You will notice that the VR fins are ground down on each end! They hit the seat fairing panel since the VR has an extra padding plate beneath it covered in Heat sink paste so the moulded rubber area has extra cooling thro the padding plate & the mounting bracket.

VR layout

This shows the VR & its new piece of loom so the VR can be verticaly mounted and how it is all tucked away nicely

For further details E-Mail:- KGB-Racing at Saltmine dot Org dot UK

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