The saga of my FZR600


The first picture of my '92 3HE Model FZR 600

The passed few years have been pretty rotten as far as bikes & my health have been concerned. The main stay of my biking life has been project "YELLOW PERIL" which has sustained my interest in bikes & life through the dark days & nights.

To cap it all I was very ill during my visit home where I was going refurbish refurbish "Blue Streak" it just did not happen !! I came back to England feeling very low, but a good buddie Jimmy Redmond of Ebay fame sent me a picture of an FZR600. I had tried various 600's this year but being 6'2" left me feeling like an Essex Girl with my knees in the breeze as the tanks got in the way.

To stop any foolishness I dragged my daughters along when I went to see her, I think they loved her on sight as much as I did. I slung a leg over the seat and I was home, back on a bike !! Everything fitted very nicely, tucked in knees, bars close enough, even the levers were the right height. WOW.

The downside, the previous owner had dropped her and wrecked the LH lower fairing and chipped the Lh upper and removed a mirror. Madam was going to see this as "just another project "black hole""

Well God bless her, she understood that I needed something to lift my life and if it was rideable bike with bit of TLC, here is half the cash, go buy it:-} Jim organised all the paper work and got a new set of keys (he misplaced the originals) plus the delivery through a mutual friend for a good price. Thanks Jim.

I had to wait 2 weeks to be able to ride, due to Govt paper work, went thro the MOT with no problems. While I waited impatiently I joined these forums :-

FZR Online Community

FZR Archive

Speedblock Yamaha Archive

The latter covers 2 & 4 stroke bikes from Yamaha, the former two are a very busy boards with a wealth of knowledge on all things FZR from bog standard to righteous projects based on FZR's.

I have put a couple of hundred mile on the clock and I am still learning to ride. I have not ridden a 4 stroke for 20+ years and although the last one was an FZ that belonged to a pal,it is all a VERY new experience. I now have some understanding why the "born again" biker is such a high risk as far as accidents occur. This 600 is bloody quick easily keeping pace with my brothers H-D 1400 sportster.

What do I hate about it?

Any kind of servicing, drop the radiator to change the spark plugs. Remove two seats & side cover to see if the coolant over flow is at the right level. No center stand,the pipe collector is dead center so a jack stand is not usable,so you must buy back & front paddock stands to do any thing . To add insult to injury the swing arm has no bobbins for a paddock stand. The front brake bleeding has no top bleed and has a silly junction box splitter behind the headlight, that is obscured by the horn.No grease nipples on any of the rear suspension units bits.

Some useful bits of Information etc Project FZR600

The BMF 2008


After a good day it is time to leave

John & I

John, the guy who originally commissioned " Green Bean " back in 1980, & I get together for the BMF 2008


The price of gas (double what it was on my last visit to the BMF !)


A last joke about the sea of bikes & old times


After the BMF showing how well the fairing repair works @ 120 +


Sans Lowers


As the " cages " saw her LoL

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