Bike Specific Hardware

Tyres by Bridgestone (sizes etc) for Bikes

Home page of NGK Spark plugs

Yuasa batteries (sizes etc) for Bikes

Suspension bits from Progressive

Carbon Tech Reeds Etc.

Galfer Brake Pad Manufacturer
Phone Number:-- 800-685-6633 (USA)

Exotic Sportbike

Exotic Sportbike 1-800-917-2453 E-Mail: Iggy at

PRO X Oil Seals

JP Piston Makers

Brake Speed Bleeders

Moose Racing suspension stuff etc

Air Tech Streamling Body Bits

Wire Wheels

Leathers Exchange
Spec II Exhausts & Stuff are at 1-818-504-6364. >

Canadian (Toronto area) Scrap Yards

The Bike Yard ..... (416)-744-2453

T.O. Cycle Salvage ...... (416)-259-7991

Ontario Cycle Salvage ...... (416)-699-6198)

Bent Bikes ...... (905)-273-3717

Parker Bros. Powersports ...... (416)-234-5750

European Scrap Yards

IN the UK? Advertise here for free especially if you have 2 stroke stock
For further details E-Mail:- KGB-Racing at Saltmine dot Org dot UK

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