Back in the Day

With Mike, Dale & Friends

Mike Hammer

These are all indeed from "back in the day", the RD race pics are from Sears Point,

Mike 1

1982 at the latest by the look of the tires and fork brace, Boy, I miss that RD's motor but not those skinny tires!. There's one of me leading a race somewhere around here @ home... the only such I believe!

Dale Alexander

This is Dale Alexander & the TZ750 I mentioned, from about 1987-88. He might have some pictures of it in motion, I don't know. Dale may be coming back for a visit this year, if so I'll be sure to get some fresh pics of our mugs.

Long Stroke 350

This deserves special mention. #167 is Larry Schenck chasing Lou Vallerga at Sears Point {the race when he came back after not riding for a few years}.

Larry was/is the machinist behind all Dale's creations, he crafted all the custom parts, many from raw hunks of metal like the cam drive gears on the Ducati. Larry should get huge credit in any Dale-RD story, they're have been best friends for years. Larry was also a heck of a club racer.

Lou was a 410 Production class champ and is riding the 1979 400 RD Daytona "special" Dale talks about as the fastest aircoolers Dale ever built. Short DT175G pistons in the RD400 engine, cylinders machined down just enough to get the intakes up where they should be, exhausts only had to be widened if memory is served. Notice the headers look a little weird for an RD, they're also custom cut to fit the shortened cylinders.

Lou's bike went like stink, took top three finishes at Sears in the Superstreet class despite not having expansion chambers. Wouldn't have done that well on a fast track but on a twisty torque-demanding circuit like Sears it was great.


May 2006

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