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These are fully operational :-

A Tilting Work Bench for Bikes by  Michael Moore

Rust Removal Using Electrolysis   by   N. Ottsure

Converting to GSXR-Clocks by Rick Haliday of N.Z.

Water Injection for your bike?   by   Randy Norian

Selecting & Reading Spark Plugs by  Gordon Jennings

Correct Wire sizes for Re-wiring your Bike by  Colin Sharpe

Suspension Tuning by   Jim Stewart

RD/ RZ Rubber by   Kevin Bayron

FAQ on Powder Coating by   David Wright

RD crankshaft parts and alternatives Info. by   Lyn Garland of Vintage Racing fame

The H-F Manual tyre changing machine by   Jacques Strappe

Dale Alexander's work on Ceramic coating as related by  Mike Hammer

A list of Flow Bench Links compiled by  Michael Moore

A quick take on "still air " intake box design by  Randy Norian

" How Air Density effects your Engine " A collection of URL's by  Michael Starkey

Keeping the crap out of your engine intake myths dispelled here

How to buy the right 2 Stroke oil when you cannot find your favourite brand:}

A Compilation of Shock Dyno Links by   Michael Moore

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