Electronic dash Modification

Ok so I am beginning to put together the pertinant facts for an electronic dash unit for the FZR using either and R1 or an R6 Yamaha dash unit, { I bought an R6 unit for my bike }

Geo of KGB drew the circuit diagram in Tiny Cad V1.6 TinyCad home page for the latest version of this VERY useful FREE Program.
There is a very active Yahoo user group as well !! TinyCad Yahoo Group

divide by 2 V4g

For best results please set your printer for LANDSCAPE MODE when asked to confirm printing of Circuit Diagram

sensor if you just drill the case should be an FJR 1300, R1 & R6 sensors are longer in the body and may need shimming (& sealing!!). Speedo adjustment is with "the speed healer" at the moment but I am researching my own circuit for doing this albeit slowly.

For further details E-Mail: KGB-Racing at Saltmine dot Org dot UK

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